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FROM THE SANDY BEACHES of Los Angeles to the reefs of Rincon, Banana Dang was born out of pure necessity. Coffee is our first love. Bananas are the world’s most perfect fruit. Rincon is paradise. Having spent the bulk of our lives addicted to coffee and surfing waves, we suddenly had an epiphany—what if we created a space that embraces our passions: coffee, bananas and the environment.

The Year of the Monkey in 2004 was when the idea finally hit. Since then, we’ve devoted our lives to learn and improve our methods so that we can serve you the highest quality and best tasting coffee and smoothies. As conscious beings, we are committed to using planet saving methods in many aspects of our business: (1) we procure Fair Trade, local and organic products (2) reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible, and (3) support our beaches and community by donating our time and efforts, as well as a percentage of our paychecks annually.

We believe that working for a better world and running a business are not
diametrically opposed. Sustainable, profitable and community-oriented businesses are practical and essential in a world that is waking up to the realities affecting
our planet—and our cup of coffee!

TO TREAT COFFEE AS A CULINARY ART and serve healthy banana smoothies in a space that cultivates environmental aspects.

1. To honor and serve local flavor
2. To keep Rincon wired and inspired
3. To beautify the environment
4. To create a unique conversation hub
5. To embody the goals of social responsibility
6. To promote eco-practices
7. To remain true in every aspect of our business
8. To laugh and maintain good relationships with all involved in our work
9. To create long-term financial security
10. To be a good neighbor