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COFFEE + BANANA DANG. We are dedicated to serving only the finest specialty coffee and actively support all progressive coffee standards including Fair Trade, shade grown, local and organic. We continually educate ourselves on all things espresso in order to bring you an intimate and excellent cup. And if you want to know more, we supply real coffee information—from the roasted-on date, origin, degree of roast to the farm where our coffees come from. We hope you can taste the hard work and appreciate the difference.

We believe fresh smoothies don’t come in bottles or cans. They are healthy meals, made to order using fresh and natural ingredients. All our smoothies are banana-based. Why? They’re a great source of potassium that plays a key role in heart health and muscle function. Oh-and the bananas are straight from our backyard.

We take pride in serving only the finest and most unique organic teas from around the world. We carefully choose our handcrafted tea blends from companies that work towards sustainability—those who have developed good working relationships with farmers while ensuring that employees and teas are
treated with the utmost respect.