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Artisan handmade Coffee, Smoothie and Toast SOAP with skin-loving ingredients. Each bar is individually wrapped (4.25 oz).


COFFEE BAR SOAPS (scent notes)

Banana Mylk—banana, cinnamon, brown sugar

Hot Banana Mocha—banana, chocolate, coffee

Sweet Latte O' Mine—condensed milk + espresso

Vietnamese Coffee—coffee, espresso, condensed milk

Thai Iced Tea—Thai tea, condensed milk, sugar


SMOOTHIE BAR SOAPS (scent notes)

Blue Banana Mylk—banana, coconut, pineapple

Dang Berry—strawberry, banana, almond

Green Tea Dang—matcha, banana, almond

Mango Dango—mango + banana

Radical Dang—hemp, mango, apple, banana

Purple Dang—Acai, strawberry, banana

Vanilla Dang—Vanilla, banana, cinnamon


TOAST BAR SOAPS (scent notes)

Cinnamon Toast—shea butter, cinnamon, maple, sugar

Green Fire Toast—avocado, lime, salt, red clay

Nutty Banana Toast—peanut butter, banana, honey

DANG Handmade SoAP

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