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Why Banana?


We think bananas are the world’s most perfect fruit. They have incredible calming powers, are natural energy boosters and taste delicious. We also love the fact that bananas come in individually-wrapped packages and boasts abundant health benefits.



We focus on coffee as a culinary art and serve healthy banana smoothies in a charismatic and eco-friendly environment.


10 Values

  1. Awesome Experience—We celebrate the way we treat and relate to our customers.

  2. Product Driven—We want to exceed customer expectations.

  3. No Hierarchy—We have very few layers. It’s not complicated.

  4. Band Spirit—Like a rock band, every day is a show.

  5. Growth and Learning—We try to do a little better everyday.

  6. Eco Inspired—If you don’t need it, don’t use it. Everything counts.

  7. Fun and a Little Quirkiness—The Banana is our Mickey Mouse. We’re willing to laugh at ourselves, and stay humble.

  8. Embrace Change—We like to take on opportunities that compliment our business.

  9. Team Player—No individual is greater than the team.

  10. Open Communication—Remain transparent and professional.


10 Principles

  1. To honor and serve local flavor

  2. To create a unique conversation hub

  3. To promote eco-practices

  4. To be transparent 

  5. To remain connected and inspired

  6. To embody goals of social responsibility

  7. To stay true in every aspect

  8. To maintain good relationships

  9. To build long-term customer loyalty

  10. To be a good neighbor

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